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Every user of the system has its own business level (BL). BL is a universal summary that identifies the system’s WebMoney account level of transition.

BL is calculated based on the following topics:

  • How long have you been using the account
  • How many WebMoney user you have contacted.
  • How many transactions you have made with your WebMoney account.
  • If you have any claims on transaction, how many positive feedback have you received.

BL is not a static value, it may increase or decrease depending on your transaction. If you always deal with the same amount in the same account then your bl score will not increase. If you do not use your account for a long time, then the BL score will decrease.

How to check BL score?

You can check BL scores in different ways:

system 1– Connect your WMID to this link –, and you will see the details as shown in the picture below.
webmoney bl check


System 2– Search from this link- search option with your WMZ ID or WMID, you will see the details as shown in the picture below.
webmoney bl check

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