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What is perfect money

Perfect Money is a reliable finance service that readily allows users to make money transfer effectively through the internet. Nowadays, we no longer live in the period where we have to visit banks or queue up at the ATM to make transfers. Perfect money gives nice opportunities for internet users and business owners on the internet. Perfect money users can quickly convert their money into electronic currencies within short periods and at a more lesser rate. They have an established way of cooperation with banks and this allows them to send and receive wire transfers all over the world. Read full details to know about what is perfect money.

When you register with perfect money you are given an opportunity to any of the following statuses.

  • Normal

A normal account is an account that is given to a new customer who registers at a website belonging to perfect money. This does not give any limitations at all.

  • Premium

Premium account is given to those users whose accounts are active within one year. When considering upgrading your account from normal to premium, you have to send a request to the customer service department. Among the benefits of a premium account is the 2percent discount that is granted to a customer when the individual makes a transfer.

  • Partner

Partner accounts are given on the discretion of perfect money administration.Individuals who wish to optimize their websites for a business transaction are entitled to this account. Business owners who run their business on the internet are solely entitled to these accounts. It is duly a privilege to own a partners account as you must be deemed trustable before you can obtain any partner account.

Some important facts:

  • You get notified every time on new financial operations
  • You get a good systеm of automatic payment set up and this allows payment to be done in automatic mode.
  • It has a good Multilanguage systеm
  • Its Multilanguage systеm allows you to conduct business all over the world.
  • Perfect money confirms that its international status website has over 20 languages when translated.
  • Perfect money has a good level of security.



Advantages of perfect money:

Perfect money has some numerous advantages and they inсlude

  • Instant transfer

Perfect money allows for instant transfer between systеm users

  • Available offices.

Perfect money makes available enough offices for the changing of currency when making payment and withdrawing money.

  • No limit for the transaction

Perfect money removes transaction limit when making any financial transaction. Be rest assured that you can transfer as much as possible

  • Perfect money helps calculate interest on a balance of funds and also provides a good and effective referral program.

Disadvantages of Perfect Money

Among the disadvantages of perfect money are

  • Irreversibility of operation

When you make a big payment or even when you are defrauded, your money won’t be refunded to you.

  • Perfect money have limited choice of currencies
  • Perfect money charge high fees when they want to help you restore access to your account whenever you lose your password.

Perfect money is a very good online transfer service. Remember that they allow conversion of money into other currencies at cheaper rates.


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