Skrill to Bank Transfer


For Skrill to Bank Transfer you have to follow few steps:

  • First you have to pass user verification and wallet verification then login your account.
  • After login sеlect skrill (left side) and Bank Transfer (right side) from exchange direction
  • Enter amount how much you want to send or receive then click “Exchange” button.
  • Enter your account address then  click  “Exchange” button.
  • Follow the instruction for send payment from screen .
  • After successfully transfer fund click “Paid” button .

Import ant:Must be you have to verify your skrill account from our site before skrill to bank transfer  also you have to verify your right changer account . Verification need only  for exchange skrill , neteller and webmoney . Send exact amount how much you want to exchange other wise your order will be cancel.  Don’t use any description like “exchange” when you send skrill fund because skrill do not like exchange service . 


For Skrill to another payment getway exchange please follow our guide .


Thank’s advance for your exchange with us


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