Beware of fraud: We remind you that we do not make any exchanges in Skype. All exchanges are just on the site.



The Referral program is the type of earning an opportunity for every registered user. You can earn commission from every  customers who came to us from you via your referral link. Read the rules below.

1. To participate in the Referral Program, it is enough to be registered as an authorized user.

2. Your profile (Account-Partner Cabinet) will contain a special link that you will advertise.

3. Marketing of the partner program is indicated below:

Depending on the total amount of exchanges of your referrals, the partner percentage will vary according to the table:

Total amount of exchanges of referralsReferral earnTotal amount of exchanges of referralsReferral earn
$ 0.000.10%$ 10,000.000.45%
$ 100.000.15%$ 25,000.000.50%
$ 250.000.20%$ 50,000.000.55%
$ 500.000.25%$ 100,000.000.60%
$ 1000.000.30%$ 250,000.000.65%
$ 2500.000.35%$ 500,000.000.70%
$ 5000.000.40%$ 1,000,000.000.75%

4. . You can withdraw your referral profit  every day, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 1.00 $.

Example:  Let’s say your partner percentage is 0.75%, and your referral has exchanged 1000 Skrill USD for Paypal. Your profit will be $ 7.50.


IMPORTANT! When exchanging your referral between payment systems of one currency (for example: USD-USD, EUR-EUR, etc.) – partner rewards are not accrued *, but to the total amount of exchanges are credited, thereby increasing your loyalty level according to the table. 

* For each such exchange you will receive 0.01 $.

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