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PayPal is a very well-known online payment service in the world. Millions in millions of users often pay to use PayPal instead of using their credit card because it is faster in more convenient.
PayPal is an online payment provider that allows people and organizations to transfer funds digitally. The company processes payments from online sellers, auction sites and many business users for a nominal fee. This article explains how to create a PayPal account. Read the full article to know how to create Paypal account

Follow the steps to create a PayPal account:

Step 1: The first thing to do is to visit Regardless of the country you are in, PayPal reads your IP address (your online address assigned by your network) and automatically sets the location of your country on the correct PayPal web address.

How To Create a PayPal Account?1









Step 2: At the top of the screen you will see “Registration,” “Login,” “Help” and “Security Center.” You must click on the text “Registration.” I almost forgot. If you are a business and want to open a business account, click on the “Business” tab, directly under the above menu options. The registration questions are similar, but for the sake of this article, we assume that you want to register as an individual.

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Step 3: Enter your e-mail address and create a password. Make sure you create a strong password, so no one else has access to your financial data.

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Step 4: After soon as your business PayPal account is ready to go, you are ready to start receiving payments from some different sources, such as major credit card providers like Visa and MasterCard.
Fill out the form with your details. You must enter your legal name, address, and telephone number. All this information is needed to create your account.

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Step 5: Enter your credit or debit card (optional). After you have to input your details, you will be asked to enter your debit or credit card. You can input this now or later, but you must do this if you want to check your PayPal account. But, if you don’t want to enter your card details now, click on “I would rather connect my bank first.”

How To Create a PayPal Account?5

















Step 6:

How To Create PayPal Account? 7











Enter your bank account details (optional). You need a corresponding bank account if you plan to receive money and want to transfer it to your bank. You do not have to do this now if you do not want it. Just click on “I will link my bank later” to skip it for now. It will tell you to confirm that you want to skip the process.

Step 7: Request a PayPal credit (optional). Before you are redirected to your account summary page, PayPal will ask you to sign up for a credit limit. This is optional, and you must carefully read all the conditions before you sign up. If you would instead not ask for credit, click on “No, thanks.”

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Finally here is the image you will when it is successfully created.

How To Create PayPal Account? 78








I hope you are fully understood now how to create paypal account.

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