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What is Webmoney

What Is WebMoney?

Web money is an online payment systеm. The funds of WebMoney users are stored in a purse and this purse holds electronic money equivalent to a subordinate asset such as currency. The assets of web money unit are kept by a global network company and this company act as guarantors for the systеm of payment. As technology advances, there are new and improved payment methods that can be used to settle the payment. Payment methods play a key role and can either make transfers easier or more difficult. That is why electronic payments are usually the best when making payment.

The WebMoney company target is to focus on Russian clients but has evolved towards focusing more on clients all over the world. Web money transaction does not require any bank or any atm card.

Some Important Facts:

  • Web money funds are stored in a purse
  • It was founded in November 1998  in Russia to make money transfer more easy for the people of the United States of America during the financial crisis of Russians in 1998.
  • Webmoney launched a crowdfunding platform in 2015 which was called web money funding for project implementation under the voluntary donation principle, group purchase participation and event planning.
  • Web funding projects can be financed through credit cards as well as e-wallets.
  • You will be charged with 0.8% of any fund you use.

WebMoney Services:

Web money services are the INDX online exchange, which is an online tool. Someone can trade derivable securities like NOTES and are secured by public company shares and public company asset. Later on,  Webmoney transfer announced the addition of litecoin (LTC) Ether (ETH) Dash (DASH) Bitcoin(BTC) all linked to its INDX exchange.

Do not forget that web money is one of the safest methods to consider when topping your bookie account. Their encryption technology is one of the latest and this safeguard any transaction.

Advantages of Webmoney:

Webmoney has some advantages which prove that it is truly one of the best for online transactions.

  • Fast money transfer

Web money allows for instant transfer. It doesn’t delay when you want to make any transfer to another person.

  • Withdrawal and deposit

It is very easy to withdraw and very easy to deposit into your Web money account. Withdrawals are smoothly transferred and the money doesn’t delay to reach your account.

  • It is one of the most convenient payment methods in Russia and eastern Europe
  • Safety

Any transaction you make makes use of the SSL encryption which guarantees you of your private financial details.

  • Eligibility for bonus

It is very easy to receive a bonus when you make use of web money

Disadvantages of Webmoney

The following are the disadvantages of web money

  • Limited service for non-Russian customers

Webmoney has a limited Service for non-Russian customers. But today many improvements are being made on their website.

  • Deposit Fees

An amount of 0.8% is initially charged when you make a deposit, you might still want to avoid being charged anytime you top up your account.


Web money has a solid percent of traders that prefer it’s services to any other electronic wallet. It is proven to be very fast, very safe and very accurate.


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