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What is paxum

What Is Paxum?

Paxum is an online payment systеm which started in 2010, the systеm allows a member to register and create accounts on their website. With the account created the user will be able to make payments online and even get a master debit card linked to the Paxum account. The systеm provides free registration to its user but a verification procedure needs to be pass in order to create an account with the systеm.

The documents needed for such verification are a utility bill or an ID card.  Paxum also allows companies to create a business account with them.  A Paxum account has two sub accounts, one is for making internal transactions while the other is for funds withdrawal.

Some Basic Facts About Paxum:

Paxum is a Canadian company that is incorporated in Canada. The company has current registration with FINTRAC as a money service business. Using modern methods Paxum provides a better alternative to transferring funds. The systеm provides payroll solutions to its users offering them an easy access to funds.

Advantage of Paxum:

Paxum provides a series of excellent service to its users and customers. The website is quite easy to go through and access. The following are some of the amazing benefits of Paxum.

  • Customers and users are able to transfer and withdraw funds easily and make online payments on the internet. The systеm also allows withdrawal to credit cards
  • They provide a unique master card which is similar to a bank-issued master card used for online payments when shopping online. The card can also be used on PayPal and other financial institution.
  • Paxum allows the creation of an account without verification, although the limit will not be above 10000 Euro. An unverified account cannot also make a withdrawal from the systеm also. The verified account has all the benefits that come with Paxum including the ability to withdraw 10000 Euro a day.
  • Paxum has an amazing support systеm. They have a customer service who are available every hour of the day and replying you about 1-2 hours after sending them a message. They also have a call support service that is available from Monday to Friday. These support systems are quite commendable.
  • Security is another area Paxum do well in. The systеm provides a website that works smoothly and securely. There have not been any issue of information being stolen from the website.
  • The systеm provides a large number of daily transactions to take place. They offer a twenty-five thousand Euro for a business account while a ten thousand Euro for personal accounts.
  • PayPal and Paxum have been working together for a long time. This makes it easier to use your Paxum master card on Paxum without any delay. Paxum to PayPal transactions will also have high processing speed due to this relationship.
  • Paxum offers an electronic exchange of funds for different currencies online. These can be done on the Paxum website with ease and less stress.

Paxum Fee:

Paxum commission fee is cheap and also a little bit expensive depending on the method of transactions. The fees usually range from $0 to $50. The commission always depends on the type of transaction being used.


Paxum provides good and top notch Services to its consumers. It can be said that there has not been any incident t where personal information was lost by the website since it’s creation. This is to show Paxum security and guarantee.


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