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What is bkash

What Is Bkash?

Bkash is a financial institution which is a subsidiary of BRAC bank limited. The financial institution works under the authority of the Bangladesh National Bank has gained recognition over the years when it got a partnership deal with Money in Motion LLI from the United States of America. The institution has also been able to pick the interest of the International Finance Corporation which is a major partner of the World Bank. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also made an investment into the company some years back.

The company main purpose of Bkash is that it enables its customers to make payments online from the fund deposited in their account by the customer. Users can also do airtime top up from the company app. Transfer of funds can also be done using this app.

Bkash can be trusted; one of  the reason is that it is used by almost 4.5 million people every day. Another reason Bkash can be trusted is that it transactions done with this systеm are very secure and safe. There has not been any incident where personal information of customer where stolen, this shows that the systеm is safe and secure to use.

Bkash Network And Coverage:

Bkash can be accessed by customers both in urban and rural areas, the systеm can be accessed using telephone networks. In the year 2018, Bkash was ranked as Bangladesh biggest mobile financial services (MFS).  This goes to show that bkash is a high-class company in Bangladesh and has a reputation both locally and internationally.

Bkash also agitating for giving loan and insurance Services to their customers. Bkash is ever increasing and has a 99%  market share in when combining Rocket market. Rocket is a financial company in Bangladesh which also provide mobile financial services to its customers too.

Some Facts of Bkash:

Bkash is ever increasing, what has contributed to the company fast growth, well the paragraphs below will give highlights of these reasons.

  • Bkash is not a bank service or a Telecom company, it is a company but for the sole aim of providing mobile financial services to its customers and also rendering Options for bills payment and sending locally to people.
  • Bkash is made up of different investors but they all have the same goal which is providing top-notch Services to all their customers on the platform.
  • The systеm has the help and support of the Bangladesh national Bank and this has lead to the ever-increasing growth of the company. This also provides a regulatory environment for the company leading to its success

Advantage of Bkash:

Bkash has a lot of goodies to offer it’s customers in on their platforms, these benefits and advantages are outlined below.

  • It provides an avenue for its customers to send money to different people online, giving them a quick way of sending funds.
  • They provide a secure systеm for air time top up.
  • Customers who use this service can have access to paying their bills on the website.
  • The systеm offers a safe and secure environment for money transfer.


Bkash from the review above can be trusted and used as a regular way of sending money to by its customers. It provides a safe and secure systеm for money transfer and bills payment.


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