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This article is a review about the website advanced cash, it contains the advantage and disadvantage of the payment service. It also talks about the problems the payment service needs to eliminate in order to be better


Advanced cash is a payment service provider situated in Belize city. They provide their customers with the ability to keep different currencies in just one account and make transfers through different satisfying ways.

In my opinion, I think that advanced cash provides nice services. But I think the platform can do better by providing a digital marketplace. I am pretty sure the management of advanced cash has thought about starting a marketplace which will help bring in new users to the platform.

Advanced cash prides itself as one of the top payment services in the world being that it has been in the business of electronic payment and international finance for 20 years now.


The platform offers it’s users a lot of benefits. Advanced cash has a number of advantage over some other platforms. These advantages are discussed below.

  • It provides a better and faster service than conventional money transfers.
  • The platform is quite cheap. It is cheaper than having a bank account anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced cash is easy to use. The simplicity of the website cannot be found in any other e-commerce systems in the world.
  • The payment systеm provides a multi-currency wallet. This ability to have different currencies in one account is quite unique and rare. It is like having different banks from all over the world inside one platform.
  • Their ability to do business with fin-tech products around the globe makes this payment systеm amazing. They have a relationship with Oki money and Money services providers in Russia and Ukraine.
  • They give users the ability to either transfer funds to other financial institution and make payments or transfer to other users in the systеm.


  • The systеm although has unique qualities also have some problems. These will be talked about in the following paragraphs.
  • It is quite difficult to register an account with documents that will be accepted by other platforms in the world. The systеm does not accept ID cards without an expiry date or issue date.
  • The systеm will not accept documents that would have been accepted by some of the world’s financial institution in London an NYC. Take for example they won’t accept credit or bank statement unless they have been stamped by the issuing bank.
  • Advanced cash will not also accept Telecom or utility bills unless there is a stamp or signature.
  • In a nutshell, they give less respect to documents from other financial institutions.
  • They do not allow their users to verify their accounts using manual courier verification services.


Advanced cash, in a nutshell, provides excellent Services to its users around the globe. They hare a good alternative to other financial institutions although the systеm still needs to make some improvements in other to provide better Services.


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10/06/2023, 19:53