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systеm of discounts for registered users

Dear customers! Especially for you, we introduced a systеm of discounts for exchanges on more favorable terms! With this opportunity, you will be able to save up to 0.35% on the amount of the exchange transaction!In order to use the program – you need to register and make exchanges. The percentage of discount directly depends on your history of exchanges. The higher the amount of transactions – the higher the discount! The terms of the discount systеm you can see in the table:

The amount of exchange equiv. US Dollar A discount The amount of exchange equiv. US Dollar A discount
a guest 0% 10000 0.17%
check in 0% 15,000 0.19%
Second, etc. exchange after registration 0.10% * 20000 0.22%
1000 0.11% 25000 0.25%
2500 0.13% Verification 0.10%
5000 0.15% Total 0.35%

* The offer is valid for the promotion “Discount 0.10% for the second and the following exchanges for registration”. The action is valid on a permanent basis from 01.06.17.

Consider a simple example:

Let’s say your discount is 0.10%, You transfer from the Savings Bank of Russia card in the RUB currency to Advanced Cash in USD currency , with the exchange rate of 60.00 RUB. = 1,00 USD (conditionally).

It turns out that with a discount of 0.10% you get a rate of 59.94 RUB for 1 USD. More noticeable difference in the exchange of large sums, respectively, and will grow a discount. Thus, we can summarize – the systеm of discounts is very profitable and it should be used.

To see the amount of your discount, you can directly on the data entry page when creating an application, as well as in the personal account section of the menu, “Account” – “My transactions”.

Discounts are valid on an ongoing basis. If you find that it is turned off in your direction, please inform technical support.

Important. The discount is not provided for exchanges between payment systems of one type of currency, USD-USD, EUR-EUR, etc.

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27/03/2023, 19:39