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What is skrill

What is Skrill?

Skrill is Formerly known as Moneybookers, this is an effective e-commerce business that allows payment and even transferring of money through the internet. Skrill has its focus on a low-cost transfer of money internationally. It has become a big-time competitor with PayPal and has more than 30 million members that solidly make use of this platform.

Performing transactions on Skrill can be done using more than one currency. Account users can be held in different popular currencies though after the first transaction is made, the possibility of changing the currency of the account Is low. Customers with high turnover are given premium membership called SkrillVIP which includes other amazing features like a security token and a multi-currency account.


Basic facts of Skrill:

  • Financial service authority of United kingdom gave skrill its authorization to issue electronic currency.
  • Skrill registered office is located in London.
  • Skrill completed its acquisition of Australia based prepaid payment method.
  • Skrill information is encrypted by a high-security tool. It does not give access to or even disclose any information to another user.
  • Skrill gives an opportunity to open more than one account. You can have a personal account and a business account. When using Skrill for a personal account, the transaction number is not really high.
  • Business account, on the other hand, is very useful, especially when managing a company. You can use Skrill when paying suppliers of your company.

Advantages of Skrill:

A lot of users have given their positive remarks since they started using Skrill. Some of the advantages of Skrill according to them are

  • Digital wallet of Skrill

A customer account with Skrill is called a digital wallet. If you want to log in to your account, all you need is just an e-mail and password, then you can send anybody money when you like.

  • Acceptance of direct payment

For store owners, if you want to receive payment through different methods, Skrill is very reliable. The payment processor allows more than 100 payment methods. You can rest assured that you can never lose your customer probably because there is no way for or she to pay you. Skrill makes it possible for you to accept payment through any means.

  • Illegal money transfer

Skrill doesn’t allow illegal money transfer. Its policy is against any sort of wrongful transfer of money. Skrill help protects the account owner and even legitimate users. As a result of this strong policy, Skrill has been able to maintain a high standard and has won the trust of customers.

Disadvantages of Skrill:

  • It doesn’t support all countries.
  • A country like Europe is not supported by Skrill. Some countries also do not allow it’s a citizen to own a Skrill account due to some personal conflict.
  • You can’t file for dispute
  • It is not possible to file a dispute for Skrill. When buyers make transactions and are not satisfied with the outcome, they find it hard to file a dispute.


Skrill is really becoming one of the best methods for the online transaction. If they provide a good method for filing dispute, there will get a higher advantage over PayPal.

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