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What is Payeer

What is Payeer?

PAYEER is an online payment systеm which has some qualities similar to Skrill and Payoneer. In the course of this article, we will take a look at the benefits of payeer, the advantages and if the systеm can be trusted. We will also take a lot at their service rate while comparing them to other systems too. Lets first examine the benefits Payeer offers its customers.

Advantage of Payeer:

  • The benefits of Payeer are not that hidden, you will also find out that the systеm provides some services not found other platforms. The benefits are outlined below
  • They help their customers transfer funds and money all over the world without any commission. Payeer also allows you send money to money without a Payeer account, all that is required is the person’s email address and an account will be open for the receiver. He can then withdraw the money and send to any platform chosen.
  • The systеm provides a better exchange office. Money can be accessed to a quick exchange of funds between different platforms. Money can be transferred from Payeer to Qiwi, Okpay, Yandex money, and other financial systems.
  • With Payeer bulk payments can be done very easily through API. The systеm allows the transfer of funds to different individuals all over the globe with just one click.
  • If you own a site, you can use this systеm to receive payments. This is because Payeer has over 150 different payment options to send and receive money.

Disadvantage of Payeer:

  • Payeer is a very popular payment systеm on the internet, but it will surprise you to know that it has some bad reputation online. Some say it is a scam and it has dealings with other scams sites. But these are just rumors and have not been confirmed.
  • There is a problem of not being able to withdraw funds without a master card. This problem has been reported over the years. They also have the habit of asking for validation documents even after it has been submitted, this makes the systеm very stressful.
  • There are other complains online about this payment systеm, a lot of people are saying it is a complete rip-off. But the truth is that these rumors have not yet be confirmed, so it is advisable to take a very good look at the systеm before registering.

Payeer Commission:

The systеm has a lot of ways to transfer and receive money hence the commission rate depends on the type the option chosen to transfer the funds. The commission rate in general between all the transfer options is usually between 0% to 0.28 %, this is quite a small amount to transfer money. But before any transaction is made, the commission is always specified. There is also a gateway commission fee, which is paid when an intermediary systеm is used in paying the money.


The unique advantage of this systеm is that you can make payments using different options. It has a simple and convenient website with a good support service making it transfer funds on the internet.

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