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What is Neteller?

Neteller is an e-money transfer service. It is widely known for transferring money to merchants as well as receiving money from them. People who make use of forex firms and even social networks make use of this transfer service. For you to be able to withdraw funds, you must have a Net+ card or make a transfer of balance to the other client’s bank account.

Some important fact:

Neteller was earlier created in Canada in 1999 before moving to the Isle of man in 2004.

  • It is operated and owned by a British global payment company.
  • The payment group in 2015 finalized a transaction involving transformation for the industry of global payment.
  • Neteller doesn’t lend or burrow customers money. It is not a bank. Its own work is to maintain customer funds in separate trust accounts. It separates money from its own platform and makes sure that customers are paid their balance at the appropriate time.
  • Neteller gives customers the opportunity to sign into a Neteller account through the company website. The account can be set up for up to 20 currencies. Neteller account gets their money loaned from banks through a credit card or debit card and even though over 40 different methods. Some of this deposit varies both by instant and by country.
  • Merchants who make use of forex can pay money into their Neteller account directly. Merchants are allowed to be paid by Neteller.

Net+ card.

Neteller launched its net+card in the year 2003. After 5 years, the company rebranded its card thereby calling it Net+. Through the Net+ name, Neteller offers MasterCard prepaid debit cards as well as brandable merchant program. Net+ card produced numerous virtual card number for different transactions instead of making use of a particular card number. This was invented to reduce fraud. Unauthorized users that obtain and try to use card numbers, or even if a legit merchant wants to take additional payment, the transaction can never be successful as the card number cannot be reused. Later on November 1 2016, the company terminated Net+ cards and didn’t refund the card fees.

Advantages of Neteller:


A lot is users that Make use of this service has listed the various advantages of Neteller.

  • No queue

Life is much better and easier without lines. Because of Neteller, there is no longer anything like queue

  • Instant transaction

Neteller makes the transferring of money very fast. Within a blink of an eye, the transaction is successful.

It is possible to make any transfer from your comfort zone.

  • Time-saving

Neteller saves time. It is fast and effective and a time saver.


Disadvantages of Neteller:

Neteller has some disadvantages and they are

  • Poor customer service

Neteller provides poor customer service to their customers.

The absence of Nigerians in their service.

  • Neteller doesn’t allow the presence of Nigerians in their innovation. They do not allow rural dweller to make use of this service.


Neteller is one of Europe largest online payment systеm and known to be the largest independent digital wallet worldwide.


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