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What is Epay

What is Epay?

Epay is a Panama financial company registered by with the Panama Ministry of finance to carry out financial services, e-wallet service, electronic payment service, buying and funding debit cards, virtual debit cards and other nice services. The financial systеm allows it’s customers to make online exchanges, to send and receive money from any part of the world. This can be done using their one-click email, SMS and their online payment option.

The systеm prides itself as being able to offer better service than any bank account and financial payment systеm. Due to the top-notch service they provide Epay has become one of the leaders in online payments and transportation.

How Epay works:

Epay is not a bank where funds are used for other business. It is a financial institution aimed at sending money to different parts of the world. All that is needed by its customers it to register and experience high and quality service of international money transfer. The systеm also provides an avenue for local money transfer.

Advantage of Epay:

  • The systеm has a lot of nice benefits when compared to other financial institutions. They have been around for quite some time now and can deliver top-notch service to all their customers, this is due to their experience in money transfer and online payment. Let’s take a look at some of their amazing benefits.
  • You can make online purchases using Epay services and these payments will not take much of your time because the systеm is quite a way to navigate on.
  • Money can be sent and received by Epay customers all over the globe. The company is registered in over one hundred and sixty-nine countries. This is quite commendable when compared to other systems.
  • Epay is seen as one of the global leaders in international money transfer and they can be trusted to deliver excellent Services to their customers.
  • It is an all-inclusive online payment gateway program. The systеm provides strong security of personal information to its client. This makes the service world class.
  • The systеm offers a variety of options to transfer and send money and also buy and sell debit and virtual cards. These transactions can be done using different options available to its customers.
  • Using customers funds for other activities not specified by the customer is not done by Epay. They are not a bank and as such do not use customers funds for any investment. They only carry out customers order in relation to their money.
  • Commission fee at Epay is sometimes free for some services while others are paid for. The amount paid depends on the type of transaction carried out the customer. It should be noted that the Epay commission rate is quite low when compared to other systems.
  • Epay also offers a referral program where customers can make more money too. The customer also receives bonuses depending on their referrals.



Epay has been around for quite some time now and they provide good service with high security to their customers at all times. This service can be hard to find anywhere.

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